FRCOphth Part 1 Study Notes

Welcome to the FRCOphth Part 1 Study Notes from Eye Notes! These chapters cover all the clinical science you will need to prepare for the FRCOphth Part 1 exam.

What's Included?

These notes represent several years of work in seeking out high-yield topics and distilling the curriculum down into easily readable chapters.

We’ve highlighted key concepts and clinical correlates to show how the basic science translates into clinical practice. They will appear in coloured boxes throughout the notes.

Hot Topic

Common exam topics that you should make a note to remember.

Clinical Correlate

Highlights information that has relevance to clinical practice.


Notes are used to highlight other key points or add a reminder of information seen elsewhere

Our notes are divided into categories to make them easy to navigate. You can type the topic you want to study in the search bar to get you straight where you need to be.

Why should I study with Eye Notes?

Eye Notes provides the backbone for your FRCOphth Part 1 revision. It's a one-stop shop for all the relevant material. The digital format, with dark mode and mobile compatibility, is much more convenient than a stack of heavy textbooks.

We keep the content constantly updated and expanded, but with none of the unnecessary material you’ll find in textbooks.

We’ve had excellent feedback from users from across the world who have found Eye Notes a game-changer for their revision.

We hope you enjoy using it too!


We make every effort to ensure the information on Eye Notes is correct. We cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate: please use the feedback form to report any errors you find. Ultimately your exam performance depends on many factors but we hope Eye Notes is helpful in your preparation.

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